‘Insanity Wrap’: Democrats Will Cut $3.5T Spending Bill By Not Cutting It

President Joe Biden knows that he doesn’t have another shot at his costly spending bill. The trillions of dollars are exponentially worse for Americans than the Biden administration wants to admit. The effects of the passage won’t go away. The federal government won’t take back the per-mile tax they’re trying to put on Americans and our grandkids, and maybe even theirs will pay for the debt. But, during the chaos, Biden wants to hold the Republicans to task over the lack of support for the sending because it’s not as easy to admit that his party is against it. 

Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said, “our idea now is to look at how you make them funded for a little bit of a shorter time.” 

That means the Democrats will fund the institutions for a shorter amount of time with the same amount of money and bring it back up later. So, essentially, they’re spending the same amount of money that is broken up into sections rather than all at once. 

It would all be great if the American people trusted their politicians. The Democrat party couldn’t even be honest about the withdrawal from Afghanistan and still hasn’t held any top military officials accountable for their actions. If Democrats expect Americans to trust them now, then they have another thing coming. 

If Democrats want to lie their way into Americans’ pockets, they all have to be on the same page, but they’re not. Some say nothing, others stumble over the narrative, and some tell the truth. Not all Democrats are liars, but it seems like they’re on the same page more now than they ever have been while they dismantle any of their party members who go against them in any way. 

Ultimately, the American people will suffer as a result of this.

Across the country, you see government institutions taking advantage of every situation. Facebook just had a key whistleblower in their midst that testified before the Senate, and this is just after the Biden administration teamed up with them to tackle “misinformation.” That doesn’t give the American people any trust in their government. It tells you that Facebook won’t have any accountability. Honestly, that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Now, the Federal Bureau of Investigations will target parents who speak up at school board meetings because educators get their feelings hurt too often. The fact that the FBI has no regard for investigating the widespread riots of 2020 is baffling. Cities were burned to the ground, but school boards are getting out of control? That’s a state issue. Public schools are primarily a state issue. The FBI is more clearly now than ever being controlled by the Democrat party, and it’s becoming frightening to the freedom of speech of parents across the country. Stay at home moms need to be cautious. 

Federal overreach is out of control and needs to be slowed down. The Supreme Court should step in any minute as the Biden administration goes against their direction at any turn. The time is now to hold these people accountable. It’s overdue.