‘Infrastructure’ Law Insights At China’s Part In Biden’s Push For Electric Vehicles, Might Debilitate American Employments

The relationship that President Joe Biden’s administration is gaining with China is getting serious and not good. The supply chain crisis, electronic chips for vehicles, electric vehicle batteries, and many other components are currently coming from China.  

The issue here is that the administration isn’t wholly condemning forced labor and only considering the forced labor involved in manufacturing electric vehicles. Instead of even considering working with China while any forced labor is happening regardless of the impact on the electric vehicle market, the Biden administration would be acceptable working with China as long as the specific market isn’t being conducted with forced labor.  

It would be simple to condemn the entire country until forced labor was verifiably ended, then work with them. That doesn’t sound unreasonable to the ordinary person, but apparently, it is for Democrat politicians. Human rights abuse only exists when Democrats need votes, and it’s becoming more evident than ever.  

Fierce Electronics said, “There is consternation in Washington. Suppose China feels U.S. condemnation of its treatment of human rights is too great. In that case, exports to the U.S. of materials and components made in China used to make EVs, including batteries and even actual vehicles, could be reduced or cut off. In addition to Biden’s repeated support for domestic chip production is his administration’s support for a secure supply chain for batteries and materials that can be used in EVs.” 

So, if China gets its feelings hurt, it’ll stop producing and shipping products to the U.S. When can we make that happen? Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is supposed to bring more jobs and production to the U.S., and that’s what he campaigned on, but so far, Biden hasn’t made good on the promise. With oil being imported again from middle eastern countries and inflation on the rise, we can assume that there will not be the American boom that everyone expected. It seems that things will be harder to get in the U.S. unless it’s imported, with taxes expected to increase on those that make $400,000 or more. That’s going to cause product prices to rise because of the lost revenue from taxes. It’s a revolving door of Americans that isn’t slowing or stopping.  

It also doesn’t seem that Biden’s administration wants to work with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, because he supported former President Donald Trump.  

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) said that the infrastructure bill would make investments in electric vehicles and buses “so they can be built here, not in China.”  

That’s not precisely what Sec. 40436 explains. It’s impressive the Democrat’s ability to divert and lie about details that will significantly affect people in other countries.