Inflation Continues to Haunt Biden’s Presidency

The United States is facing a laundry list of problems under the current administration. At the top of this list is inflation, a matter the White House has repeatedly written off as something that Americans shouldn’t be all too concerned about.

People were told that inflation was just part of a transition to a stronger economy. Later, the Biden administration even said inflation was only a “high-class problem,” rather than an issue hurting most Americans.

Afterward, the White House began blaming Russia for inflation before shifting gears and pointing the finger at the GOP.

Unfortunately, for Joe Biden, no matter how he or his aides try to spin inflation, it’s still a very real problem hanging over their heads.

The Truth About Inflation Under Biden
Earlier this month, Americans learned from the Labor Department that inflation soared to a new height of 9.1% Yet, even before this was officially announced, the Biden administration was already trying to clean things up image-wise.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the new announcement would be “elevated,” due to factors allegedly not taken into account. This followed after Jean-Pierre claimed the US economy to be historically stronger than it’s ever been.

This is part of a pattern for this administration, though. They continue to allege that all is well when Americans are faced with evidence to the contrary each day.

For instance, the Biden administration is on record claiming that households are doing well. Meanwhile, polling shows that most Americans are concerned about inflation’s impacts on their abilities to support themselves and their families.

In another similar example, multiple economists warn that at the rate things are going, a recession is likely. Meanwhile, both the president and his White House aides have publicly downplayed these warnings.

Inflation under Biden is continuing to grow. At the same time, he and his administration are showing a very real disconnect from how everyday folks are experiencing the US economy.

Business as Usual?
Despite the 9.1% inflation rate, Biden is still trying to spend more federal funds. The president’s most recently proposed economic package involved tax increases, climate change expenditures, and new prescription drug policies.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) had to actually pump the brakes on this by saying he wouldn’t vote for any bill with climate change initiatives and tax hikes, due to inflation.

Manchin, like Republicans, has repeatedly stated that Congress must get a handle on inflation and make bringing down consumer costs a priority. Biden and his White House seem to disagree, though.