In Monday Remarks, Biden Caught Red Handed On Cam Not Able To Read Teleprompter

Imagine that you elect a President of the United States and have high expectations of him even though he said that if someone didn’t vote for him, they aren’t Black. Now that the president takes power and immediately signs dozens of executive orders after speaking on the campaign trail, governing by executive order was like a tyrant. And then you realize that he can’t even read a teleprompter. Well, wait no longer, you have President Joe Biden. 

Biden won’t even take press questions unless they are vetted, and he can’t even finish a sentence, let alone manage a country. His policies have failed, and even the Supreme Court said that he has to reenact former President Donald Trump’s policies. 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had the nerve to suggest that the 25th amendment should be enacted to remove Trump from office for cognitive decline. Still, Biden has shown that Biden is the one Pelosi should be concerned about. 

In a recent news conference, Biden stated that Democrats would fulfill their obligations to the country. He has to be joking. Democrats are the reason the United States is in such a mess right now. It is what happens when you have one party-controlled government. 

In the same sentence, Biden said that he’s not expecting Republicans to do their part, and he’s said that from the beginning. Republicans are doing their share by attempting to prevent Democrats from enacting socialist measures. The Republicans are mainly against the Covid-19 vaccine mandates that have left hundreds of thousands of people without a job because they made a personal choice not to get the vaccine. Biden’s rhetoric is dangerous to the freedom of the U.S., and his words can’t go unchecked. 

“Just get out of the way,” Biden says to Republicans who are trying to play procedural tricks against the Democrat’s plan. Those tricks are called checks and balances. They were put in place so that one party couldn’t ram through everything they desired at the cost of the American people. It’s essential to freedom and liberty that Democrats are slowed down from enacting the policies and spending bills they’re trying to push through. 

The fact remains that Democrats know that they could pass the trillions of dollars of spending if some of the Democrats weren’t standing in their way. Their party is going against them because it’s the right thing to do. 

Then, if everything else wasn’t a disaster, Biden told a reporter he wouldn’t answer any questions on Ethiopia to confuse the American people. Confuse them with what? Does he think that his political stance on Ethiopia is so complex that weak-minded Americans can’t understand it, or does he have no position to take? Either way, Biden’s time of ignoring questions from reporters has to come to an end, and somebody has to start being honest with the American people about what’s going on in the White House.