“IDIOTS”: The Florida National Guard Will Assist In Ukraine, And Some Are Calling It An Invasion

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his plan to create a civilian-military unit under his control, the left lost their minds. The overreaction wasn’t because it was an overreach or because DeSantis planned to take over Florida. It’s because he has the right to, and over 20 states already have the same type of enforcement.

The news is that the Florida National Guard is serving an advisory role in their deployment in Ukraine. Key explosions on the left.

Task and Purpose reported, “More than 100 Florida National Guard troops are currently deployed to Ukraine as US Intelligence Officials continue to warn that Russia is poised to launch a crushing invasion of the country early next year.”

The Florida National Guard is defending Ukraine and serving its country. It’s disheartening to see so many US citizens disrespecting the troops while they’re deployed.

Tweets such as “DESANTIS INVADES UKRAINE!” don’t help the US, Ukraine, or the troops.

Col. Jerry Glass said, “We’ll head to Texas for a week or two, finish some last training, then upon training in Texas we will deploy to Ukraine. It’s emotional because you know there’s going to be separation and know you’re going to be separated and know you’re going to miss your loved ones.”

It’s about support, not blame.

When Lloyd Austin was asked if American troops would fight alongside the Ukrainian military, he said, “I won’t speculate on what could happen in that instance. I would say that our goal is to make sure that it doesn’t happen. We’re working with our international partners and allies to ensure that we convey to Russia that this is a terrible idea.”

Would it be a bad idea, or would it be a bad idea under a different president? That’s the real question. The withdrawal from Afghanistan showed the world that a lousy president makes significant decisions. No, it’s not the military that’s weak. But when the leaders don’t satisfy their strength in their positions, the world sees it and can make moves.