Hunter Biden’s Daughter Left Out Of The Family Stockings At The White House

The only family that matters to President Joe Biden and Jill Biden are the ones that are directly related. If there isn’t any benefit, they don’t care about them, and “Not the Bee” pointed out that one stocking was missing from the Biden grandchildren’s stocking lineup.

Yes, Hunter has another child born in 2018 with Luden Alexis Roberts, who has an actual DNA test that shows that Hunter Biden is the father. “That DNA testing has established with scientific certainty that the defendant is the father of the plaintiff’s child.”

It would be a plank for them to acknowledge the seventh grandchild in Biden’s eye. Imagine how that child will feel when she gets old enough to realize that she was left out of her father’s life? And Joe and Jill aren’t making things better. If they want to act like she doesn’t exist, they have the right to, but what does that show about their character? It’s painfully obvious that they want the seventh grandchild left out of their lives and out of the public’s eye. That stands to question what else they’re willing to do to hide any family secrets, and we’ve already seen a taste of that with Hunter’s tax and laptop scandal that still hasn’t been investigated.

As Not The Bee noted, it may have been the child’s mother who insisted the child not be included. If she knows more about Biden than is known to the public, that may be a good move. Whatever the reason, somebody from the media should ask about it when they have a chance. Press Secretary Jen Psaki would lose her mind, but Biden likely won’t do a press conference for a while. That’s a problem. When there are problems, then the president has to address the country.