Hunter Biden Laptop Whistleblower Says Much More Data Is Coming

As the Hunter Biden laptop scandal has reemerged with corporate media confirmation of its authenticity, the source who disclosed the material has fled to Switzerland while claiming he fears for his safety. He also says that there is a mountain of evidence from the laptop yet to come.

Jack Maxey has fled from the U.S. because of fears of retaliation from the Biden administration. He provided a copy of the hard drive from the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop to media outlets last year. Maxey also sent a copy to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) as the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Maxey is a former co-host of Steve Bannon’s podcast The War Room.

Maxey has claimed that the persons and organizations he provided the data have “sat on it” for months. Now he says that he has been working with IT experts in Zurich to retrieve additional information from the laptop.

He claims that the technicians he is working with have found 450 gigabytes of deleted data on the hard drive. The deleted material is said to include 80,000 images and videos and over 120,000 emails.

Maxey says that he plans to post all of the deleted material online in a publicly searchable database in the coming weeks as it is recovered.

Maxey has claimed that he has been targeted by the Biden administration in an effort to prevent him from speaking out or sharing information from the laptop. He says that black SUVs began appearing outside his home shortly after he began sharing copies of the hard drive. He also says that is why he has traveled to Switzerland to complete his forensic work on the hard drive.

Of course, skepticism is called for until and unless the new information is actually posted online. However, there is now confirmation from the corporate media that the laptop itself is authentic. Documents already released clearly show the family’s corruption and foreign business dealings with Chinese firms.

As the evidence mounts because of Hunter Biden’s thoughtless abandonment of his laptop, there may actually be a day approaching when the administration will be forced to actually answer questions about the family’s corruption.