Hunter Biden Fights Child Taking Surname

Hunter Biden asked a judge to stop his estranged daughter born to a stripper from taking his surname, claiming that she will never have a “peaceful existence” if she does.

President Joe Biden’s son made the request to an Arkansas court on Jan. 6 after the child’s mother Lunden Roberts brought the case before Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer late December. Roberts asked the court to allow the six-year-old Navy Joan Roberts to take the Biden name.

The two are embroiled in an ongoing court case in which the younger Biden is fighting to lower his child-support payments to Roberts for their love child from August 2018. Biden, claimed that financial circumstances had undergone a “substantial, material change,” per Mail Online.

On the name change issue, Roberts argued that her daughter would benefit from the Biden name as it is “synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute and politically powerful.”

For the Arkansas stripper, the neglect her daughter is subjected to as an estranged member of the Biden family could be rectified by keeping the name as it will give her access to opportunities “just like it has for other members of the Biden family.”

The first son, however, disagreed, requesting that the judge allow the daughter to decide for herself when “the disparagement of the Biden name is not at its height.”

Biden, who is in the middle of a federal investigation for his foreign business dealings, claimed that Roberts’ move is a “political warfare” against the first family.

Biden’s displeasing treatment of his daughter with Roberts is not surprising. When she was first conceived, he reportedly denied responsibility saying he had no recollection of meeting Roberts. He had refused to comply with DNA testing until one was forced on him by the court. When the DNA testing pegged him as the true father of the child, he turned his resistance at the payment of child support and supply of financial records.

Before this ongoing legal battle, he had attempted to avoid paying any child support as he told the court in 2019 that he was still embroiled in “significant debt” following his divorce from ex-wife Kathleen with whom he shares three children.

Despite Biden’s supposed concern for his estranged daughter’s “peaceful existence,” his other four children use his surname, posing a question as to the sincerity of his claims.

The disapproval of Navy’s existence goes beyond her father to her grandparents Joe Biden and Jill Biden, who has not shown considerable support for her. The President and First Lady excluded the young girl from the Biden family Christmas stocking tradition where they put out stockings for all of their grandchildren— all but Navy. Even the White House’s dog and the cat got stockings!

It is unlikely that the couple has physically met the four-year-old as their 52-year-old son has never met her since her birth, according to Roberts.