Hunter Biden Convicted

First Son Hunter Biden was convicted of federal felony charges after a short trial this week, marking the end of two criminal trials against him. The conviction could also spell political trouble for his father, President Joe Biden, who is facing considerable difficulty in his presidential campaign.

The jury announced a unanimous decision declaring Hunter Biden guilty of three federal firearms charges, making him a felon. The president’s son may face up to 25 years in prison due to his conviction.

He was accused of lying on a form that he was not a drug user when he purchased a revolver in Delaware in 2018. He was later accused of disposing of the weapon. Hunter Biden previously admitted to using drugs, including crack cocaine.

Three of Hunter Biden’s former partners testified that he was a steady drug user. This included Hallie Biden, who is the widow of his brother Beau Biden. The two developed a relationship after Beau Biden died of brain cancer.

Hallie Biden testified that the president’s son introduced her to crack and that she used it in 2018.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys argued that he was instead struggling with an alcohol addiction.

The conviction could cause a significant issue for Joe Biden in the November campaign. The Biden campaign team was quick to point to former President Donald Trump as a convicted felon following his jury verdict in New York last month.

However, the political attack may have less weight now that a member of the president’s immediate family has been convicted of a felony.

The verdict in the firearms case is also not the last major hurdle for the president’s son. He is also facing federal tax charges in a trial expected to start later this summer.

Hunter Biden received a plea deal offer from special counsel David Weiss which was rejected by the judge last year. The deal would have likely seen the president’s son avoid jail time, which received considerable criticism from Republicans.

The president could be seen hugging his son after the verdict. Joe Biden promised not to pardon his son.