Hunter Biden Ally Met With Kerry Prior To Shokin Firing

A former business partner of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter met with then-Secretary of State John Kerry several weeks before the firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. An email detailed the meeting with Burisma board member Devon Archer potentially deepening the investigation by the House Oversight Committee related to Hunter Biden’s business connections.

According to the former Ukrainian prosecutor in a recent interview with Fox News, Archer met Kerry around March 2016, about four weeks before he was fired. Shokin alleges that he was fired due to interference by then-Vice President Joe Biden over his investigation into the energy company Burisma. Hunter Biden and Archer served on the board of the company.

According to the prosecutor and a recovered email from 2016, Archer came to meet with the Secretary of State. The email stated “Devon Archer coming to see S today,” with S referring to Kerry.

Biden later bragged that he told the Ukrainian government that the United States would withhold $1 billion in aid to the Eastern European country unless Shokin was fired. Biden accused the former prosecutor of corruption.

Shokin asserted that former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko “fired me at the insistence of the then-Vice President Biden because I was investigating Burisma.”

He further said that the former Ukrainian leader and Biden understood “that had I continued to oversee the Burisma investigation, we would have found the facts about the corrupt activities that they were engaging in. That included both Hunter Biden and Devon Archer and others.”

The former prosecutor also alleged that both Hunter and Joe Biden received bribes from Burisma cofounder Mykola Zlochevsky. The former Burisma official allegedly told an FBI informant that he was considering $5 million bribes each to the vice president and his son.

A number of other emails show Archer in contact with Kerry’s office and that Hunter Biden was in contact with future Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Archer is currently facing jail time due to a separate fraud case.

The White House denies the allegations.