Hunter Biden Allegedly Included Father On Business Calls, Meetings

A former business associate of Hunter Biden plans to testify before the House Oversight Committee this week that Presiden Joe Biden spoke to business partners of his son several dozen times. The news contradicts earlier assertions by the president that he had no role in his son’s business dealings.

The testimony by Devon Archer states that Hunter Biden would often call his father on speakerphone to talk during business meetings. In addition, the older Biden allegedly met with business associates in person on several occasions. 

According to Archer, Joe Biden spoke with members of the Burisma board while his son was paid approximately $1 million per year to serve on the board of the Ukrainian energy company.

One of Hunter Biden’s other business partners, Tony Bobulinski, described Joe Biden’s role as a “chairman’s role in a traditional business structure” in what he called “the Biden family global influence peddling.”

The recently revealed information, if accurate, would undermine one of the major assertions made by the president that he never discussed business with his son.

In 2019, Biden said that he had “never spoken” with Hunter regarding “his overseas business dealings.”

Furthermore, he said earlier in the same year that “I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses.”

Despite the assertions, there is further evidence that Joe Biden was involved in the businesses operated by his family. Bobulinski said that he met with Joe Biden regarding a Chinese energy company. In addition, a 2017 email from Hunter’s laptop lists his father as part of a discussion with the Chinese firm.

Furthermore, then-Vice President Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, threatening to withhold American aid. 

The company allegedly pressured Hunter Biden to end the probe, just one month prior to the alleged conversation in which Joe Biden took part.

He further attended a 2015 dinner with another Bursima official. 

The issue of the young Biden’s time at the energy company is the subject of a wider investigation by the Oversight Committee. The committee cites an FBI document outlining the founder of Bursima talking about a possible $5 million bribe to each Joe and Hunter Biden.