House Republican: Nancy Pelosi Pushes $5 Trillion Spending Spree Under Cover Of Afghan Chaos

No party should control voting in the United States, but she would hold all votes if Nancy Pelosi had her way. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act will make federal mandates for voting.

In the House debate, Deborah Ross (D-NC) said, “Just this year alone, 18 states have enacted 30 voter suppression laws. In response, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act would reinvigorate section 2 of the voting rights act, restore geographic preclearance requirements eliminated in the Shelby decision, and take other steps to block discriminatory voting measures before they are implemented. The history of the voting rights fight in America is long and painful, but it is at crucial forks and different times members of this body from both parties have set politics aside and done the right thing.”

Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 states that “discriminatory voting methods or procedures based on race, color, or membership in one of the language minority groups recognized in Section 4(f)(2) of the Act are prohibited.”

No state has passed legislation, law, policy, governor’s order, or local ordinance that discriminates against voting measures for any race, color, or membership of minority language. If Ross is speaking about voter identification, that doesn’t qualify as discrimination in any way, shape, or form.


That means that a state cannot require any voter identification in the federal elections after the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is passed into law, only a sworn statement.

It is more troubling than anticipated.

The bill also says that vote denial is racist and includes mandating voter identification, United States citizenship, and residency requirements.


Voting rights in America is the most critical issue we’re facing as a nation. Voter suppression requires identification or proof of citizenship but banning voting based on race, religion, political party, and other social identification factors.

Adding any more debt to the United States would be unprecedented. Until Afghanistan is taken care of and all Americans are back on their feet, nothing should be done on any federal level to hurt the American economy in any way. Inflation is exponentially rising, and prices are increasing for gas, groceries, vehicles, and many other things. It’s going to crash the American economy if it continues. Everybody who voted for these radical representatives is responsible for the effects of unprecedented spending of the Democrat or Republican party.