House Oversight Committee Seeks Info On Hunter Biden Art Deal

Members of the House Oversight Committee are seeking answers regarding Hunter Biden’s sale of artwork, often for high prices. In particular, one Democratic Party donor paid for a painting by the younger Biden and was given a federal appointment by President Joe Biden.

Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali had previously donated five figures to a number of Democratic causes, including Biden’s 2020 campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Furthermore, she hosted a fundraiser involving Vice President Kamala Harris last year.

Naftali has also visited the White House 13 times in the last two years.

Nafrali purchased one of the younger Biden’s artworks for an unknown sum around the time that she was appointed to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad in July 2022.

The White House previously stated that the identity of the buyers of the artwork was anonymous. However, Hunter Biden later understood the identity of at least two of the buyers, including Naftali.

An email from Hunter Biden’s laptop implied that he influenced another appointment to the Commission under President Barack Obama. Obama appointed Eric Schwerin, who had been a business associate of Hunter Biden to the position in 2015.

The House Oversight Committee wrote to Naftali last week, stating that her appointment was “particularly suspicious because of Hunter Biden’s previous actions to elevate” Schwerin to the same position.

The committee requested documentation regarding Naftali’s communications with “any federal employee regarding the purchase of Hunter Biden’s art” and the appointment to the commission. 

Naftali has until Aug. 11 to send the requested information.

In addition, in terms of Hunter Biden’s paternity dispute regarding his daughter Navy Roberts saw the president’s son deny the use of his family’s last name for his daughter. Furthermore, Hunter Biden offered his daughter one of his paintings as part of the settlement.

The committee also requested information regarding her visits to the White House.

The First Son will be paying $5,000 in monthly child support instead of the original proposed rate of $20,000.