Horowitz: Louisiana AG Jeff Landry Warns Pharmacies Against Blocking COVID Treatment

Science is dead. Mandates are the new, cool science that has taken the place of rationality. Many places have limited or banned treatment options that could positively affect someone dealing with the Covid-19 virus. That doesn’t mean they’re dying, but if it allows them to get over the virus, why wouldn’t they give treatment options? Because it defeats the purpose of the Covid-19 vaccine.  

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has given a solid warning for pharmacies that they shouldn’t block treatment options for Covid-19. Landry told The Blaze that pharmacies have been able to get in the way of a doctor and patient at no point. It has been a recurring issue where pharmacies refuse to give Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to customers because of their personal beliefs about the benefits. The federal government has stepped in and told people not to take it as well. 

Information is evolving every day. To suggest that certain medications don’t work so soon into the Covid-19 virus (we’re still early in Covid-19) could have caused people to lose their lives. When Joe Rogan got Covid-19, he was given a range of medications, including Ivermectin. Those who call it a horse tranquilizer aren’t accurate. Ivermectin is prescribed to humans. Now that it’s out of the way let’s move on.  

Landry’s warning comes after an August memo warning pharmacies not to treat Covid-19 patients with Ivermectin. That’s not legal. If a prescription is handed to the pharmacist, they have to fill it. Why do you think the opioid crisis has gotten so bad? Laws are in place that require doctors and pharmacists to fill prescriptions regardless of what they think of it. Same for doctors and nurses to treat people with Covid-19 who aren’t vaccinated. It’s in their Hippocratic oath.  

People can talk all the trash they want about law enforcement, but police officers and sheriff’s deputies are still responding to calls from people who hate the police. They may not want to serve that individual, but they have to serve anyone in need. The same goes for pharmacists and anyone in the medical field.  

According to The Blaze, many pharmacies have been calling doctors to confirm symptoms before filling prescriptions. Landry notes, “Upon reviewing this act, I find nothing that would allow the board to second guess the sound medical judgment of a physician when it comes to prescribing legal drugs to their patients, nor do I see anything that allows pharmacists generally to object to off-label use of FDA approved drugs.”  

Landry also noted that pharmacists have somehow found consciousness to declining medication that could be life-saving in the middle of a pandemic but have no problem “giving out opioids like M&M’s.”  

What’s truly fascinating is how quickly people will jump on political opinion versus common sense. If a medication that the WHO has even approved for is suggested and pharmacies decline, the patient dies, where’s the accountability? The same goes for if they prescribe the wrong medication on accident.  

Dr. Mollie James told The Blaze that she’d had patients who reported that pharmacies refused to fill a prescription because they said they believed the patient was using it to treat Covid-19. That’s where we’ve gotten to now. Public service and medical treatment have no room for discrimination for any reason.