Hillary Clinton Still Can’t Let Trump Go

Hillary Clinton won’t let former President Donald Trump go long enough to make one speech. It’s a mental disorder and maybe the new definition of “Trumpism.” Clinton gave her speech at New York’s Democratic National Convention, and nobody seemed impressed by her lies.

Clinton said, “They’ll outlaw books yet do nothing to stop gun violence. They’ll make it more difficult for individuals to vote and allow Donald Trump to destroy our democracy.”

As far as the books go, nobody is banning them across the board. There’s just a problem with the books because they’re about sex, and they’re being handed out to children. Everyone should see that as a problem. Not one time did anyone say the books shouldn’t be written or distributed, just not read or distributed to children. She has to know the difference.

Trump has also not made it harder for anyone to vote, and neither has anyone else. Voter identification doesn’t make it harder to vote, only more secure, ensuring that everyone who votes is filing the correct ballot and is a verified citizen. That’s not difficult at all. Still, there are no Republicans that are pushing for free identification in exchange for voter identification or taking away firearm identification based on voter identification’s push back.

Clinton also said, “We must reject the big lie about the 2020 election and the cover-up of the insurrection of last January 6.”

Proof of a secure election will change the tune of the “big lie” in the 2020 election. The media, admittedly Trump, was also commenting on the secure or unsecured nature of the 2020 election. You must prove either, as with most things in life. The media was reporting on the “secure” election very early on, and there were some very notable misnomers in the voting system. Significant jumps for Biden’s numbers and polling locations shutting down had a lot of Americans feeling uneasy about the validity of Biden’s possible victory.

Clinton didn’t think and still doesn’t think that Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Clinton can think that, and if there was a way to prove and publish the fast results, we should always advocate for that. If an election was illegitimate, then there needs to be recourse for that election. Nobody should question the investigation of an election. It should be a standard.

Trump wasn’t trying to threaten democracy. Trump was threatening the parts of democracy that seemed unfair, and parts of it still seem fraudulent. Trump loved democracy, and you can tell by how he allowed the state governments to do what they wanted within their legal right during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s how this country works, and Trump knew that. Trump wasn’t a dictator or an authoritarian.