Hillary Clinton Says She Will Never Run For President Again

In a recent interview with Norah O’Donnell, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it crystal clear that she will never run for President again.

With President Biden’s approval ratings hovering at historical lows, there have been rumors of many other potential Democratic Presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton.

In June, Biden’s approval rating dipped as low as 38% according to Gallup, the lowest rating recorded by Gallup for any President since it began doing polls in 1954.

When asked by O’Donnell if she would consider a run, Clinton replied, “No, no, but I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that we have a president who respects our democracy and the rule of law and upholds our institutions.”

Clinton has said in the past that she would endorse Biden if he were to run again stating that he would be the most likely Democrat to win the election. This statement also implies that she believes President Biden can and will “respect our democracy and the rule of law and uphold our institutions.”

According to the Gallup poll, most Americans do not agree.

In the same interview, Clinton was asked about her feelings toward Donald Trump, one of the many people who have defeated her attempts to become President. She said that President Trump does not fit into the category she described above and said he should be defeated soundly if he chooses to run again.

“It should start in the Republican Party. Grow a backbone. Stand up to this guy. And heaven forbid if he gets the nomination, he needs to be defeated roundly and sent back to Mar-a-Lago.” Clinton said when describing President Trump and his potential presidential campaign.

During the interview, Clinton did not hide her contempt for Trump. At one point she said, “You know, I was the secretary of state. I spent, you know, many days on airplanes, flying from place to place, encouraging people to have a real democracy. And one of the hallmarks of a real democracy is the peaceful transfer of power. Was I happy when I beat Donald Trump by nearly 3 million votes but lost the Electoral College? No, I was not happy. Did I ever for a nanosecond think, ‘I’m gonna claim victory and try to get the Democrats to refuse to certify the election?’ No.”

Maybe she forgot when she called President Trump an “illegitimate President” and claimed he “stole the 2015 election.”