‘Highly Credible’ Witness Behind Biden Bribery Allegation

Fox News reported this weekend that the whistleblower at the source of allegations of a bribery scheme connected to President Joe Biden is a “highly credible” source. The news network reported that the source has been valued by federal law enforcement since the Obama administration.

The network’s source asserts that the whistleblower is an already-known asset for the agency and was “consistently reviewed by the FBI.”

The whistleblower approached a key member of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) with information about the alleged scheme.

The accusations are at the center of a major political controversy. House Republicans have demanded the release of the document related to the alleged scheme.

Comer demanded that FBI Director Christopher Wray release a document that allegedly links the Biden family to a $5 million bribery scheme.

Comer, followed by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) threatened Wray with contempt of Congress charges if he did not cooperate.

In reaction, the FBI chief confirmed that the document exists. In addition, Wray agreed to bring the document to Congress for review by Comer and ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD).

These two members of the committee will review the document together in a secure location at the Capitol Monday.

Grassley’s office told Fox News that the “FBI has very serious allegations against then-Vice President Biden.” 

“The question is what they did with it,” a member of Grassley’s staff said. “Did they investigate the leads or sweep it under the rug?” 

The longtime Iowa senator’s office said that there was a need for “transparency” related to the document.

The accusations against Biden’s family relate to his time as vice president. There have been several bank transfers alleged by Republican investigators in the House. These include transfers totaling seven figures to accounts controlled by members of Biden’s family.

In particular, much of Republicans’ attention has been focused on the president’s son, Hunter Biden. The younger Biden allegedly received considerable payments linked to a Chinese energy company.

In addition, the Biden family allegedly received more than $1 million from a Romanian oligarch under investigation for corruption.