High School Volleyball Team Banned From Own Locker Room Over Transgender Male

Randolph Union High School in Vermont is swirling in controversy over a transgender male athlete being allowed to change in the locker room with the female players. Adding to the controversy, a local media outlet deleted the story.

WCAX-TV reported on the situation of the 14-year-old transgender student causing discomfort in the locker room but then pulled their coverage to avoid more controversy.

The station told local media that they did not announce they were pulling the story out of concern for further “inflaming the situation.” News Director Roger Garrity said WCAX is working with local LGBT advocates on a community message “acknowledging the harm that was caused.”

The school, to comply with state law, permitted the transgender student to change in the locker room with girls.

One of the athletes told the TV station that it made her uncomfortable to change in front of a “biological man.” She said the school wanted any girls who felt uncomfortable to change in a single-stall bathroom.

That, she said, would take 30 minutes.

The alternative would be to have a single student change in the facility, which would take “no extra time.”

Other media sources reported several girls on the team felt similarly about changing in front of the transgender student. The school took offense, and in early October, banned the team from changing in the locker room at all and opened an investigation into alleged “harassment.”

The student who was interviewed reported that Randolph Union High School rejected all complaints because of Vermont state law. The statute allows transgender students to play on teams and use facilities that align with their “gender identity.

One 14-year-old girl reported that the student sat in the back of the locker room and watched them change.

Another declared that “he was born a boy.” She added that she does not care if he’s on the team, but she does not want to undress when “there’s a male in the girls locker room or in the bathroom with me.”

Surely there are reasonable adults who understand this basic principle.