‘High Heels’ In The Courtroom Serve ‘More Purposes’ Than Style

Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears was pranked. Someone took the gavel she was supposed to use to call the Senate into order, but Sears used her high heel as a backup.

The first Black American Lt. Gov. has some skills to advance her position in Virginia leadership!

Along with using a high heel as a gavel, Sears said, “They retook it.”

“If anyone has seen my gavel, please return it. We’ll find the offending Senator, but, as we have seen, the heel did just fine.”

Then, Sears made an iconic statement. “One shoe can change a life. Just ask Cinderella.”

After years of Democratic leadership in Virginia, being placed in her position has made strong waves across the nation. Not only is Sears a Black woman, but also a Republican. If you ask the Democrat Party, those two things can’t go together. It’s not allowed. “Freedom isn’t the Black community to have” is how they act. That’s not true whatsoever. Leadership is leadership no matter the race of the individual.

Winsome Sears is a veteran and former director of a homeless shelter.

That goes to show everyone involved in a profession or any volunteer work that it can lead you to great things. What seems miserable at the moment will be a flashback of a stepping stone to success. There’s nothing glamorous about being the director of a homeless shelter. Too often, it’s emotionally and physically taxing and can be challenging, thankless work. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel when you use your experience to become the first Black Lt. Governor of Virginia and make an iconic statement and an iconic action in front of the entire world.

Democrats hold a slim majority of 21 over a 19 member Republican Senate, making it a tricky spot for Sears to be, but she’s making the best of it anyway and is the tiebreaker. Winsome Sears cast her first tiebreaker vote to give criminal defendants the ability to appeal a judge’s sentencing.

Wasn’t it Democrats who were for prison reform?