Here’s Why NATO Is A “Waste Of Time”

If the United States goes to war with Russia, there’s no doubt that soldiers will be lost in battle on every side. NATO should re-imagine their commitments or re-imagine their threshold for countries to join. After all, NATO didn’t solve any problems, which was evident with the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The United States left allies on the battlefield, and President Joe Biden had no remorse.

The requirement to remain in the NATO alliance is to contribute 2% of GDP to defense. That’s not a threshold that’s being met. Only 10 of the 30 member countries do this. NATO has denied Ukraine’s request to join NATO over the issue of Ukraine’s defense abilities. In all reality, if a country can’t defend itself, what makes the 30 members of NATO think they can come to the rescue? It’s not a complicated theory to understand.

We all know that Press Secretary Jen Psaki usually has to circle back. It’s not surprising that Psaki had difficulty answering questions about NATO.

Psaki was asked, “And secondly, more broadly: NATO countries have consistently failed to meet their defense budget obligations for years. Last year, more than 60% of the Alliance’s 30 members failed to reach their 2% GDP spending pledge, including half of the Bucharest Nine near Russia. Why should Americans be expected to sacrifice blood and treasure in self-defense if Europeans are unwilling to do so?”

We’ll get to Psaki in a second, but the answer is that Americans are supposed to fight when it’s necessary. Is the Russia-Ukraine border dispute critical? More incredible and more intimate minds to the situation could answer that. Still, the US is the most extraordinary superpower in the entire world, and we must ensure that dictators across the globe act accordingly. As the famous quote goes, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” There’s nothing that’s ever been said that is truer than that statement.

Psaki responded, “Well, we are continuing to advocate for all members to reach the 2 percent goal that has been the vi – the President’s position since he was the Vice President for many years now.”

Oh, almost got caught with the VP comment, huh?

Psaki said that there’s a “sacred obligation under NATO.” Yes, there need to be alliances but suggesting that NATO is necessary or practical. Just look at Afghanistan. Not only as a whole but the withdrawal. Biden didn’t care who was in Afghanistan, and the US was leaving. It upset plenty of NATO countries.

Psaki noted that “no country should be able to take with force another country, as Russia is attempting to do at this point.”

Biden is mainly interested in Ukraine because of Hunter Biden’s shady dealing with Burisma. If Biden doesn’t help Ukraine, there’s a lot of information that could come out of that country that would be detrimental to him and his family. Don’t ever forget that.