‘Has Someone Checked On AOC?’: Capitol Police Report Man With Knife Arrested At ‘Justice For 6’ Rally

Washington, D.C. is just as “lit” as it was back in January, at least according to the number of police officers. You can’t blame the Capitol Police for anticipating such a significant event, but people will still complain. It’s still humorous that more media personnel were present than actual protesters, and it seemed more like a giant picnic than a rally or protest.

One individual was arrested, and many more appeared to be American Eagle models or just undercover feds. Hilarious memes have hit the internet labeling a group “Abercrombie & Snitch:”

These guys may or may not be undercover, but if they are, their covers are blown.

Only a couple of people were arrested, and apparently, one had a knife. Nobody is quite sure what type of knife it was.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was probably way far away from this event, you know, so that she couldn’t be sexually assaulted. Even if she’s not near the Capitol, AOC can claim that she thought she would be sexually assaulted without any proof whatsoever that it could even happen. Her attempts to vilify Conservatives have fallen on deaf ears because nobody is listening to her rant about socialist ideologies anymore.

The fact is, most Conservatives don’t even know who sponsored the event, and most encouraged their followers to stay away from the event for good reasons. After January 6th, political rallies have taken a new meaning. Whether Republicans or Democrats put it on, everyone who attends is concerned that the rally may be infiltrated by violent groups that want to harm others and destroy property. First, that happened in 2020 on the Democrat side and then January 6th, but to be fair, police departments and political leaders allowed such behavior by Black Lives Matter and Antifa while demonizing Republicans for January 6th. There’s no difference and should be treated the same. BLM and Antifa destroyed government buildings with very little accountability while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and AOC encouraged them. The shoe doesn’t fit on the other foot when those two don’t agree with the views of the political party they blamed for the event.

Protests and rallies seem to have little effect on politics, so it’s surprising that anybody still attends. Though it gives a voice to a cause, what you saw in Virginia with the “gun rights rally,” even though tens of thousands of gun owners attended, legislation passed that the gun owners were against. The only way to make real change is to sway legislation in other ways, like voting for the right people. Politicians feel invincible, but they represent the people. They should never feel like they can enact legislation without consideration for their voters.