Harris Can’t Get It Right And May Never Get It Right

The only thing Vice President Kamala Harris has been good at so far is using other people to try and make her look good. It hasn’t worked because her actions make a difference rather than what others say at the end of the day, and Harris is finding this out the hard way.

After several changes in her staff, Harris’ staff sent out emotionless tweets, and Harris did nothing about the southern border crisis, which has led to her poll numbers plummeting.

A Rasmussen Reports survey says, “Only 43 percent of ‘Likely US Voters’ believe Harris is qualified to serve as President, with 29 percent believing she is ‘Very Qualified.’ It is a decrease from April when 49 percent said Harris was qualified to be President. Now, 55 percent believe Harris is unqualified to serve as President, with 47 percent saying she is ‘Not At All Qualified.’”

Harris wasn’t selected because of her qualifications. She was chosen because of her race and gender. It’s not that difficult to understand that these problems were very likely from the beginning.

When Biden is mentally declining, and the country is turning against him, Harris has the opportunity to push herself forward by doing small things correctly. Start with one problem, focus on it until it gets better, and make sure it’s a vocal issue. Even if she has to spend her own money outside of government financing, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Harris has been lying about Biden as well. While Harris spoke to Dana Bash at CNN, she said, “This is a president who exudes extraordinary bravery. He is someone I have seen time and again make decisions based on what he truly believes is the right thing to do, based on his years of doing this work and studying these issues.”

Harris has to get in front of cameras in a positive light. She can’t keep hiding because people notice. It’s going to cause her numbers to fall even more than they are now, and it’s going to push her further into the depths of her White House office, never to return.

She has to get a grip on her job and do it correctly. Even if Harris has to reach out to former Vice President Mike Pence, she will have to do something. It isn’t working anymore, and the country needs good leadership.

Even when asked about the border, Harris couldn’t give a straight answer. She said, “And I haven’t been to Europe.” she then clarified, “And I mean, I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. I’m not dismissing the border’s significance.”

Yes, Harris, you are. By that very statement, comparing the southern border to visiting Europe where US policies have no effect isn’t the way to go, but it does explain why her poll numbers are so low.