Handcuffed Uvalde Hero Mom Says Police Threatened Her

The brave mother who ran into Robb Elementary School to save her sons only to be handcuffed by police now says she received a threatening phone call afterwards.

Angeli Rose Gomez got into trouble as soon as she arrived on the scene. Her two small sons were inside the building along with the 18-year-old gunman, who fatally shot 19 children and two teachers before finally being confronted and killed by Border Patrol agents.

Now she says she received a phone call warning her to stop criticizing the police response to the massacre. The caller, she says, told her that she could be arrested and charged with a probation violation for obstruction of justice if she continues rattling cages.

Gomez, a farm worker, says she had been at the school earlier in the day for an elementary graduation ceremony. After returning to the fields, her mother called and told her about the shooting.

After she sped back to the school, she said a U.S. Marshall called her “uncooperative” and handcuffed her. His reason? Her car was closer to the building than the snipers were.

Many other parents were also restrained by officers while begging law enforcement to do something. A local officer then convinced the marshall to release her.

At that point Gomez bolted, went over the fence and inside the school in search of her boys. Her first destination was her son’s fourth-grade classroom near where the shooter attacked. After grabbing him, she found her second son and ran them out of the building.

After reporters found out about her rescue and she answered questions, the mother says she received the phone call. Her probation dates back to an incident over a decade ago, but she was worried enough to contact the judge overseeing her old case.

Gomez said the judge told her that she will not face new legal problems and, in fact, her probation would be shortened in acknowledgement of her bravery.

The mom continues to harshly criticize the police response. She is joined by many others, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, in her belief that more lives could have been saved. The tragedy in this small town keeps getting worse.