Haley Backs Biden Impeachment Probe

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) endorsed the idea of an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden. The Republican 2024 candidate’s recommendation comes as the House Oversight Committee investigates a possible bribery scheme involving the president and his son Hunter Biden.

Haley spoke on the topic during a Fox News appearance this week. The topic of a 2017 text message allegedly from Hunter Biden elicited considerable discussion. According to an IRS whistleblower, investigators uncovered a message from the president’s son to a Chinese businessman demanding an immediate solution to an unnamed problem. 

The younger Biden vowed that if he did not get what he wanted that day, he would make sure that his father would hold the businessman responsible. He also allegedly said that future president Biden was with him in the room at that moment.

When asked about the possibility of impeachment, Haley responded that the House “absolutely should.”

“Why doesn’t the media force him to get up and answer questions about it?” she said. “If this were any other president, truly, think about it, they would have to be standing at a podium answering questions from the press on what did you know, when did you know it, how did you know it?”

“It smells bad all day long,” she said.

The former United Nations ambassador told Fox News in a separate news segment that it appeared that there is “clearly something there” regarding the allegations against Hunter Biden. “We can’t have a situation where we think a president is compromised. We can’t have a situation where a son is going rogue, raising money, threatening or saying he can get things that he can’t.” 

She said that if the Department of Justice cannot handle the investigation into Biden’s son, the House of Representatives should act. 

“We’ve got to bring ethics back to D.C.,” she said.

Haley’s comments come as a number of prominent Republicans have backed the idea of an impeachment probe into the president regarding the Hunter Biden allegations. Former President Donald Trump promised to name a special prosecutor to investigate the Biden family if elected.