Gutfeld Goes Off On Biden’s “Pro-Police” Stance

President Joe Biden’s instant switch to pro-police may seem like he’s been pro-police initially, but that’s not true. Biden may not have wanted to defund police, but he’s supported movements that want to do that exact thing. Biden has known that the “defund the police” movement was a losing battle and hasn’t engaged, but why did he select Vice President Kamala Harris? The latter contributed to a bail fund for rioters during the 2020 Black Lives Matter Antifa riots? Supporting criminals should be an automatic disqualification from public office with no questions asked.

On “The Five,” Dana Perino was speaking to Greg Gutfeld.

The police haven’t been ravaging communities and killing people, looting, vandalizing or robbing people. They’ve been stopping those things from happening. That’s the fault of community members and outsiders.

Yes, even law enforcement wants to hold other officers accountable. But accountable for what, exactly? There are too many instances where officers are unrightfully charged and demonized in the media when they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. That’s a problem with the communities as well.

Robert Kennedy was utterly accurate when he said, “Every society gets the criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.”

Gutfeld responded, “He says that after you know, I gotta I’m not going to let the media strategy of comparing the Squad with Joe Biden resurrect the idea of his moderation, right?”

Biden isn’t a moderate. Biden is a globalist. Biden wants a government so intertwined with the world governments that it’s unrecognizable. Biden can sit on a high horse of green energy when he uses other countries to import energy and lecture the American people on how we have to get better. Biden’s like the uncle you see every Christmas that’s been to rehab 12 times and divorced eight but seems always to know what’s best for your life. It’s always a swing and a miss.

Then Biden went after “The Squad.” They’re somehow the opposition now. Where were they during the election going against Biden?

Gutfeld said, “You have to give credit to the Squad because they are dumb, wrong and awful, but at least they stick to their ideals.”

That’s a fair point. Biden’s SOTU address was the polar opposite of his actions. Secure the border? What has he been doing over the last year and a half? Where has Harris been?

Gutfeld slammed Biden for his “politically expedient” position on police while Biden did nothing but sit in his basement during his campaign and was silent when police were being killed, businesses were being burned down. Cities were in an uproar when a police officer was held accountable. So excuse us if we don’t trust Biden’s call for “accountability.” Nothing would be good enough if Derek Chauvin’s charge and conviction weren’t accountable.