Greta Thunberg “Tore Apart” UN Climate Alarmists With This Modern Virtuoso Chant

Thank God Greta Thunberg is at least 18 years old, so that we can tell her exactly what we think. Not that it stopped anyone before, but some were reluctant to share their opinion on the misguided “blah blah blah” Swedish girl.  

Of course, Thunberg attended the UN Climate Summit because she knows more than anyone else. Her scientific background and her education on the environmental changes of the world give her the credentials to tell world leaders what to do. Other than that, she has none of those things. She still tells world leaders what to do. Nobody listens. There will never be legislation that cites Thunberg as a reference for the new legislative measures to keep climate change minimum. However, President Joe Biden will still keep getting other countries to pump up more oil so that the US can say they have more of a net-zero carbon footprint.  

“No more exploitation of people, and nature, and the planet. No more exploitation. No more blah blah blah. No more whatever the f*** they’re inside there.” That’s what Thunberg said at the border of China. I mean the climate summit.  

Yes, around 25,000 delegates attended. The world leaders took planes and used fuel to get to the climate summit, making zero-emission sense. Get it? But Thunberg also used a notable amount of fuel and resources to attend. With her yelling outside, she depleted more oxygen that could have been donated to a region with less good air, or the proceeds of her trip could have been donated. That would have had an enormous impact on the earth because these world leaders aren’t taking her seriously, and neither are we. 

How do you know nobody cares what she says? World leaders do the opposite. In Biden’s case, he went out of his way to make sure former President Donald Trump’s oil independent accomplishment was overturned as he turned to other countries to get oil and mentioned speaking to middle eastern countries and wants OPEC to pump more oil to the US having dramatic effects on the climate because of the regulations in other countries versus the US. It makes no sense, and he knows it. He went right back to what he was used to.   

Thunberg is just asking for the government to control people to a greater extent. She doesn’t have any cursory knowledge of the government’s job and should leave people alone. If Thunberg were realistic about her goals and wanted to make a change, she would personally partner with companies like Tesla, which are making a change. The Biden administration has ignored them because Elon Musk isn’t a leftist. Then again, Tesla may not want anything to do with Thunberg. She’s an idiot.