Grassley Releases Purported Biden Bribery Document

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released the FBI form at the center of an alleged bribery scheme by a Ukrainian businessman and the Biden family. The partially-redacted form highlights the concerns of a former FBI informant about the links between the Ukrainian energy company Burisma and President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

According to the document, Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky discussed a potential $5 million bribe for both then-Vice President Biden and his son.

The FBI FD-1023 form was related to Biden’s pressure on the Ukrainian government. The then-vice president threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid unless it fired a prosecutor investigating Bursima.

The younger Biden served on the Burisma board despite no previous energy sector experience at a rate of pay of about $1 million per year.

According to the June 30, 2020 document, the FBI’s informant met with Zlochevsky in Vienna, Austria around the time that Biden called for Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin’s firing. A topic of conversation was the investigation into the energy company. 

Zlochevsky reportedly said that “Hunter will take care of all those issues through his dad.” 

When the FBI’s confidential human source said that the company could hire an attorney for $50,000 to handle the investigation, Zlochevsky allegedly laughed and implied that Hunter and Joe Biden each received $5 million bribes. 

The source said that it was “unclear” whether or not such payments “were already made.” 

Furthermore, the Burisma official called Hunter Biden dumber than his dog but that that the company had to retain the vice president’s son “so everything will be okay.” 

When the source asked Zlochevsky about whether or not Hunter or Joe Biden said that the president’s son must stay on the board, the Burisma founder said, “They both did.”

The form has been at the center of controversy surrounding the president’s family. It was previously viewed by members of the House Oversight Committee and Grassley. The FBI resisted calls to release the document to the public.

Hunter Biden was also reportedly involved in a plan to get the same Burisma official a U.S. visa after it was revoked by the State Department.