Graham ‘Lectures’ Democrats In A Senate Judiciary Hearing About ‘Drones’

Military support from the United States is essential for our other national security in this tricky world getting more complicated.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) didn’t let Senator Dick Durbin (D-Il) try to end the drone program, but was he correct? The drone program is efficient when used correctly. Graham explains it very well.

In a Senate Judiciary Hearing titled, “Targeted Killing’ and the Rule of Law: The Legal and Human Costs of 20 Years of US Drone Strikes.”

Graham said, “I can’t believe we’re discussing this. You have a witness who cannot answer the question, ‘Would Al-Qaeda and ISIS attack the American people if they could?’ ‘Of course, they would,’ I said. Afghanistan is a breeding environment for another attack on the United States. As much as I admire the Chairman, I can’t believe we’re focusing on shutting down Gitmo at a time when worldwide terrorism is on the rise.”

Not only is terrorism getting more robust, but terrorists feel encouraged after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The world saw the US military haphazardly making decisions that left the Afghan people and US citizens and visa holders at risk of death or severe injury. It wasn’t a good move for the world.

In retaliation, the US drone strike killed innocent people, which gives some evidence to show that Durbin may have validated his assessment. Still, it’s an emotional argument that Durbin is making.

War and death aren’t subtle, nor should they be. Drones were designed to create maximized injury in their radius, which does that. That’s not something Congress should consider when American or ally lives are on the line.

Graham added, “When it comes to border security, Secretary Mayorkas gave himself an ‘A.’ For the outcome, I’ll give him an ‘F.’ It’s only a matter of time until some terrorist cell, most likely from Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, or Somalia, pushes its way across our southern border and kills a number of us.”

Yes, that’s 100% on point with the terrorism efforts across the world. American politicians that haven’t seen the disastrous outcome of war don’t understand the repercussions of pulling back any military force. It could be a disastrous move that encourages an attack on the US or ally nations. The amount of conflict in the coming days, weeks, or months could be a terrible day for Americans. Adding in the open southern border creates a vacuum for terrorists to enter the country undetected.

After going back and forth and asking if people out there wish harm to the American people, ACLU National Security Project Director Hina Shamsi said he was having difficulty answering the question.

Asked the next witness, Nathan Sales, former State Department Ambassador-at-Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism, if there was a greater chance of retaliation, “We don’t have the intelligence collection capabilities to know what our enemies are doing in Afghanistan, nor do we have strike assets that can take action when necessary,” Sales said.

The point of Graham’s questioning was to prove that no weapons system hasn’t killed civilians. Unfortunately, that’s the truth that every Republican and Democrat has to realize.