Governors Join Abbott Amid Border Standoff

Fifteen governors came to Texas to join Gov. Greg Abbott (R) amid the state’s current disagreement with the Biden administration. The meeting came as protesters held rallies near the border calling for stricter border enforcement, including musician Ted Nugent and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R).

visit Sunday included a number of Republican governors from across the country. The group joined Abbott for a press conference in Eagle Pass, the site of the disagreement over the deployment of razor wire along the border.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said that he received a briefing from Abbott and law enforcement, adding that the governors were in Eagle Pass to “show our support” to Texas. “This crisis affects all 50 states,” Sununu wrote on social media.

He added that the White House refused to “follow the law.” He added that the governors stood with Texas “on the front lines protecting the safety and welfare of our citizens.”

Abbott wrote on social media that the nation’s governors had “banded together to make one thing clear: Texas has the right to protect & defend our border. We will NOT tolerate this invasion the Biden Admin’s open border policies enabled.”

He then called on President Joe Biden to “enforce the law & secure the border.”

Palin joined more than 1,000 protesters in Texas last week as part of the Take Our Border Back movement. The effort hopes to bring together hundreds of thousands of truckers to call for major changes at the border.

The effort held several rallies in Texas and planned for events in Arizona and California.

The former governor said that the “eyes of the world are on Texas right now.” She further said that the federal government was allowing the “invasion” and that the protesters would “take our country back.”

Amid the current disagreement, Abbott said recently that “President Biden continues to attack Texas and refuse to do his job to secure the border.”