Governor Kim Reynolds: ‘Biden’s First Year Was A Failure!’

Lost in the shuffle of the parade of naysayers from his party after Joe Biden’s first State of the Union Address was a reasonably intelligent and succinct rebuttal on a night when these qualities were in short supply.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds delivered the official Republican response to Biden’s speech and drew striking parallels to the actual state of the union after his first year with the era of stagflation, crime and Russian aggression of the late-1970s and early 80s.

Candidate Biden promised to return the US to respectability on the world stage and unite the people at home, but as Reynold’s explained, “he’s failed on both fronts.” Curiously absent from Biden’s recap of year one was the miserably clumsy withdrawal from Afghanistan, which not only dented the nation’s respect globally but cost actual human lives.

As Reynolds pointed out, weakness at home does not translate to strength on the world stage. In the leadup to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden not only dismissed sanctions on Russian pipelines Moscow’s most vulnerable asset but severely hampered domestic oil production while shoving political correctness onto the military instead of readiness.

Projecting an image that the GOP undoubtedly wants to capture and replay, Reynolds described how as a “young working mom,” she worked nights at a grocery store to pay her family’s bills. “I saw what happens when prices rise faster than wages.”

Sound familiar?

Reynolds stressed her efforts in Iowa to keep schools open despite attacks from “the left” and “the media” and echoed the formula that won Republicans the Virginia governorship when she declared, “Parents matter.”

Addressing the nation’s soaring violent crime rate, the Iowa governor railed against the Department of Justice handling parents like domestic terrorists while becoming a revolving door for looters and shoplifters. And she wasn’t finished, decrying politicians who impose mandates they refuse to follow and hurry off to the beach maskless while demanding your children mask up every day.

Reynolds also struck a chord that will no doubt echo come to the November midterms when she said Americans are tired of people who believe ending racism means “categorizing everybody by their race.”

Standing in front of the Capitol building in Des Moines while wearing twin US and Ukrainian flag pins, Iowa’s first female governor spoke to a popular political figure from the state. Widely admired for her handling of the coronavirus pandemic by opposing mask mandates in schools and vaccine requirements, many in the GOP put her on the shortlist of running mates for the party’s 2024 nominee.

And her approval rating is currently 20 points higher than Biden’s.