Governor Has an Important Message on US Food Supply

In America, the food supply is much less secure than it’s been in previous years.

There was a time when parents had no issues concerning access to baby formula for their children. Now, this is not the case. In fact, many infants across the United States have been admitted to hospitals, due to a shortage of formula.

Meanwhile, livestock producers are reporting more issues with the supply chain and grain acquisition. All of this comes months after Joe Biden himself gave a speech, warning that food shortages are possibly on their way.

In light of everything happening with the nation’s current food supply, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has an important message for every American.

Noem on Food Supply in the United States
On Thursday, the GOP governor spoke with Newsmax host Eric Bolling about the current condition of access to food. Noem warned that as Biden allows other nations to purchase parts of America’s food supply chain, it puts our country in a vulnerable position.

The South Dakota governor then mentioned her own state began having issues with meat processing once former President Obama allowed a Chinese government to buy out Smithfield Foods in 2013.

Later, Noem warned the current president’s management of the US food supply is causing a national security crisis. The governor pointed out how nations like China have purchased acres of land, fertilizer businesses, processing systems, and even chemical plants.

By Biden allowing foreign entities to have this much control over the US food industry, they have real power over whether or not Americans can eat.

Pricing Americans Out of the Food Market
As food suppliers struggle with doing their jobs, the food that is available to the American public is getting more expensive.

Essentials such as eggs, milk, vegetables, and fruit have increased considerably on the watch of the Biden administration. Yet, when pressed on this issue previously, the White House dismissed it as an effect of the “Putin price hike.”

The South Dakota governor is not alone in sounding the alarm about problems with food supply under the current administration. Republicans remain adamant that Americans’ suffering will get worse if the president continues to put other countries’ interests above the United States.