Gorsuch Reports Supreme Court Draft Leak Still Being Investigated

The unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade is still under internal investigation, according to Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Speaking to the 10th Circuit Bench and Bar Conference in Colorado Springs Thursday, the jurist said that the committee has been “busy” and the hope is to get their report “soon.” Gorsuch added that he hopes to “get to the bottom of this sooner or later.”

The conference allowed reporters but not questions.

Chief Justice John Roberts appointed an internal committee to administer the investigation into the shocking security breach in May. It came roughly a month before the high court was due to make its final ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Roberts condemned the leak and met with law clerks as a group afterwards. He called it a “betrayal” which was designed to “undermine the integrity of the court.” The chief justice then had the Supreme Court marshal begin the inquiry.

The high court issued its ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24 and sent the issue back to the states. The 6-3 decision upheld a Mississippi statute banning abortion after 15 weeks, and the vote went strictly along ideological lines.

The court said abortion is not a federal issue since it is not enshrined in the Constitution.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Gorsuch also admonished the leaker of the draft and indicated that he believed it was to influence the judicial process.

Gorsuch said that “improper efforts to influence judicial decision-making, from whatever side, are a threat” to the nation’s justice system. He said they interfere with the ability of justices to communicate with each other and reduces “candor between jurists of different persuasions.”

It is not clear whether the final report will be made public. There was a Fox News report in July saying that the investigators had “narrowed it down” to certain people, but there was no word on a specific suspect or suspects in the report.