GOP’s Comer Describes Biden Family Payments

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), a leading member of the Republican investigations into the family of President Joe Biden, said that “all roads lead to Joe” during a recent interview. The Republican made the announcement prior to the release of Republican findings regarding payments made to the Biden family.

Comer told Fox News this week that Americans are “frustrated that they see all these things that the Biden family’s done that any other family in America would have already been punished for.” 

He also said that the House Oversight Committee “is digging” and “trying to bring the truth and present the facts to the American people about this family.” The Republican also said that the Biden family utilized “multiple transactions to try to disguise who the sender of the money was, which oftentimes it was foreign nationals.” 

He said that the investigation was a “very difficult process.” 

The representative also said that the Biden family had “lawyered up.” 

However, Comer said that House Republicans were able to find information “in the back door,” including subpoenaing bank accounts. 

“So, they never thought we would have their bank records,” he said.

Biden’s family has been under investigation for millions of dollars from foreign companies received by its members. In particular, the president’s son Hunter Biden has allegedly been involved in a number of foreign business transactions. 

Comer said that information provided by Hunter Biden’s laptop shows foreign business dealings, especially with China.

The younger Biden had been an official of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. 

Hunter Biden is also under federal investigation relating to possible firearms and tax charges.

Comer recently called the potential consequences of the Department of Justice probe into the president’s son a “slap on the wrist.”

The Kentucky Republican said that Congressional Republicans “reviewed documents” that reportedly came from a former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employee. 

The former special agent provided information that “would implicate Joe Biden in a pay-for-play scheme, in trying to set up a deal to receive funds to he and his family, in exchange for foreign policy decisions,” Comer said.