GOP Points to November Landslide as Polling Numbers Grow

Republicans are increasingly confident that the party will regain control of Congress after November’s midterm elections, and recent polling numbers provide even more reason for party optimism.

The latest Rasmussen Reports shows that on a generic ballot, if elections were held today, likely U.S. voters favor the Republican candidate over the Democrat by a 50-39% margin. These numbers are hardly a statistical anomaly as the Washington Post has the GOP up by 7% and Insider Advantage puts the lead at 8%.

Rasmussen reveals voter preferences that should rattle any Democrat hoping to retain control of Congress. Independents chose the GOP by 19%, 11% of Democrats support Republicans this year, and 28% of black voters favor the Republican party.

Data from past national elections show Democrats need 85% of the black vote to have a reasonable chance at victory. Surveys reveal large segments of the party’s traditional base of support turning on Biden over his failure to advance “voting rights” and “police reform.”

Throw in the fact that Biden’s approval rating is barely old enough to purchase alcohol, and it’s no wonder Democrats are frantic.

The Rasmussen poll taken in March 2018 showed Democrats with a six-point advantage over the GOP on a generic ballot. The gap closed considerably before November, but Democrats gained their first House majority in eight years after the midterms. Republicans added enough seats to keep control of the Senate, which is now split 50-50.

A total of 34 Senate seats will be decided in November, and four Democratic incumbents in battleground states Biden won in 2020 will be in fierce battles to stay in office. Republicans need only a net gain of five seats to regain the House, where Democrats not seeking reelection this year are at a 30-year high.

Polls — and more importantly — elections from Virginia to San Francisco continue to show that the country is fed up with woke politics and economic policies that ignore the plight of everyday Americans. Without drastic change from Biden’s party between now and November, Congress will likely be firmly in Republican control in 2023.