Goldie Hawn Just Said What “Critical Thinkers” Have Been Saying For Two Years

As a rule, I ignore all exhortations by actors because their primary skill of pretending to be other people does not qualify them to opine on anything else. Celebrity status does not change that topical intelligence in one area does not translate directly into another place. There are rare occasions when a political statement by an actor is well-thought-out and in alignment with my thinking. This lightning strike in the arena of ideas occurred this week.

In an Op-Ed in USA Today, Goldie Hawn laid out a compelling argument for children’s susceptibility to an increased risk of anxiety and other mental challenges because of relentless negative media attention. She draws on her own experiences growing up in the cold war, with its constant drumbeat of the possibility of nuclear war, and links it to what children are experiencing today. She is right to suggest that this generation of schoolchildren may look forward to a gigantic mental health struggle in the coming years.

The data shows an immediate rise in suicides, and depression, especially among adolescent girls. It is partly due to the idiotic decision to switch from in-person learning to glorified Zoom calls and the constant fearmongering about the COVID risk to children, which is in exact opposition to the risk posed according to the data. An excuse can be made for COVID precautions early in the pandemic, but there has now been plenty of time to examine the risks and change course.

There are two main reasons this has not yet happened with our kids. First, all bureaucratic edicts have momentum that exceeds their usefulness. Organizations are like slow-moving ships that do not turn on a dime because of inefficiency and the reluctance to give up power. The second reason, for which there is no excuse, is that a generation of adults has decided to transfer their risk to the younger generation for the first time in history. Videos of teachers screaming they will not go back to teaching until their students are vaccinated are just one example of how we are failing our children.

Goldie Hawn ends her Op-Ed by saying she believes enough time to save this generation from a lifetime of fear and anxiety. I hope she is right, but I think that ship has sailed.