Giuliani Blasts Kilmeade For Bashing Bannon

Former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani went after Fox News and popular network host Brian Kilmeade days after the sudden exit of star host Tucker Carlson from his popular primetime show, claiming the network has waged an “all-out war” against conservatives who support the America first movement after the Kilmeade’s recent rant directed at Steve Bannon.

Joining Newsmax’s Eric Bolling on Thursday’s edition of “The Balance,” Giuliani discussed topics surrounding Fox News.

Speaking on WABC radio, Kilmeade appeared to be upset that Bannon had not spoken highly of Fox.

“You know, for Steve Bannon to come out and criticize Fox, really?” Kilmeade began. “This guy got, I guess, fired from the Trump administration, and then I hooked up with another writer and just ripped Trump from limb to limb? Then he gets himself in legal trouble and Trump pardons him, and now he’s a Trump loyalist.”

Bannon may have set Kilmeade off with a remark that there is no longer a point in watching Fox News due to the departure of Tucker Carlson, according to Mediaite.

“I mean, are they making it obvious that these, this group, this Fox News group is just completely against the America First, the MAGA crowd?” Bolling asked America’s Mayor.

“Yeah, it sounded to me like it’s all-out war that they’re engaging in and that the desire to defeat him is gonna be… I mean, they behave like Democrats,” answered Giuliani. “They’re gonna do the Democrat personal attack, destroy people’s reputation… I actually can’t tell you what motivates them to that degree.”

Giuliani told Boiling that he has had a “long history with Fox,” explaining that he played a part in getting the station on television in New York at a time when the media had even less conservative voices.

“That’s a political attack… Brian is better than that,” he stated. “I don’t know who put him up to doing that, but that’s like a cheap political attack, not the analysis of a journalist.”

“Brian likes to think of himself as a journalist and he should try to act like one,” Giuliani quipped.

During the same appearance, Giuliani reportedly spoke on Fox News’s ousting of Tucker Carlson, suggesting he was ultimately given the boot because he exposed lies pushed by the political establishment.

“It wasn’t even so much that Tucker was that much for Trump. He had become that way. Really, he was laying out the circumstances that show how incredibly crooked they are. I mean, they manipulated Jan. 6. They were more than willing to create the fiction of an American insurrection in order to get rid of Donald Trump. For that, you probably should be thrown out of the country,” Giuliani explained.

The interview ruffled some feathers; a leftist rag called The Daily Beast used it to draft a story titled, “Newsmax Host Eric Bolling Lets Rudy Giuliani Push Jan. 6 B.S.”