Gigi Sohn Is A ‘Non-Nominee’ And Will ‘Never Be Confirmed’ To The FCC

Censorship has taken such a turn that there can’t even be an FCC nominee that doesn’t look sketchy. You can’t bring in partisan politics with controversy and conflicts of interest when overseeing telecommunications, media, and technology sectors.

Gigi Sohn was named President Joe Biden’s FCC nominee, and some aren’t happy about it. The Institution for Policy Innovation said, “If confirmed, Sohn would work to instill policies that would crush innovation, silence conservative speech, and eviscerate intellectual property protections.”

Another letter by a conservative coalition noted that “Sonia has repeatedly called on the shuttering of conservative networks, going as far as calling Fox News ‘state-sponsored propaganda.’”

That’s not an excellent start for Sohn. Sohn’s nomination expired in December 2021, and the letter said it was “for a good reason: her ethics and personal biases.”

The letter went on to say, “Then as the New York Post faced suspension for their reporting on Hunter Biden, she publicly claimed, ‘anti-conservative vias on online platforms is a bunch of BS.’”

The claim that the letter refers to is a tweet that Sohn posted about how Jim Jordan (R-OH) “rants and raves about so-called anti-conservative bias on online platforms, which we all know is a bunch of BS.”

Turns out it’s not a bunch of “BS.” The New York Post story wasn’t fabricated, didn’t break the law, the reporting was accurate, and Twitter removed it entirely, and other platforms followed suit just before the 2020 presidential election.

Sohn’s settlement with major media outlets from Locast settled. The settlement was for the same media outlets that Sohn would regulate. Not a great combination.

It is a lose-lose situation, and in the current political climate, it would be unreasonable to have anyone over top of the FCC who has ties to either party, honestly. An independent would be an outstanding nomination with the apparent qualification of having a bipartisan record. Censorship has been out of control lately, giving a path for one party to rule over the other and shut down their programing if they see fit, even if there have been no laws broken.