Gettysburg College Postpones Racist Event Targeting White Men

Gettysburg College announced the postponement of a blatantly racist campus event targeting white people.

The event, organized by the university’s “Gender Sexuality and Resource Center” and scheduled for November 12, promoted painting and writing for students who are “tired of white cis men.”

The postponement came amid hefty online backlash after promotional posters for the event went viral.

The college claimed the gathering was supposed to be part of a “peace and justice senior project.”

An anonymous alumnus voiced his disgust to Fox News Digital, recollecting how Gettysburg College not only didn’t promote racially discriminatory events, but they used to actively welcomed political debate.

“As a white, cis male, the fact that basically people are being allowed to discriminate based on sexuality and race is not something that was ever in the Gettysburg that was taught to me,” he said.

“Even as a conservative, the one thing Gettysburg used to always strive for was diversity, equity, and inclusion but in an actual good way,” he continued. “You could have conservatives, you could have liberals, you could have actual conversations. You could have that academic back and forth as a liberal arts college.”

The unnamed man said he thinks the event was postponed because they underestimated the power of social media.

“They thought they were going to get away with it” until “it got shared on to an Instagram thing with 2 million people,” he said. “A bunch of people saw it, and they went, ‘What the heck?’”