George Soros Backs Stacey Abrams’ Second Campaign for Georgia Governor

Billionaire left-wing financier George Soros has thrown $1 million behind Democrat Stacey Abrams’ second attempt to win the governorship of Georgia.

The donation was given to a political action committee (PAC) in March before a judge ruled that Abrams would have to win the Democratic primary ⁠— which will take place on May 24 ⁠— before using the funds on her campaign.

A Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing documented the donation from Democracy PAC II, which is a federal committee organized to influence the 2022 elections. Soros has financed the committee, giving it $125 million worth of funding.

Soros, whose money can often be found funding practically every left-wing cause and candidate, has also personally donated to Abrams’ campaign. The financier and his family gave approximately $60,000 directly to her campaign.

According to a report from Politico, the Democracy PAC was first established in 2019 and spent more than $80 million in the 2020 elections.

Among the elections that the PAC donated to during the 2020 cycle was that of Los Angeles district attorney George Gascón, a radical leftist who instituted criminal justice reform that many critics have claimed led to a crime wave across southern California. Gascón is currently facing a recall effort from city residents and massive pushback from law enforcement organizations who are opposed to his lessening of criminal punishments.

Georgia has not had a Democrat governor in almost twenty years. Abrams previously ran for governor of the state in 2018, and upon losing, claimed that the election had been stolen from her. Recent polling indicates that Abrams has garnered support from only 45% of the state’s residents, while the incumbent, Gov. Brian Kemp (R), has garnered 50% support.

Both candidates still need to fight through primaries in order to make it to the final governor’s race. Kemp is facing a strong primary challenge from former Senator David Perdue. If Perdue were to win, Abrams would only need to overcome a 3% deficit according to the same poll.