Gene Wu Agrees That You Should Hunt Down Those You Don’t Agree With

Some who speak out about the issues of trans kids have a right to do so. No parent wants to have their children stripped from their home, but Jeffrey Younger found out that if he understands the effects of a gender transition on a young child and isn’t comfortable allowing his child to transition, he gets his child taken from him.

We all know that if you give children gummy bears all day, they’ll eat them and nothing else. Children haven’t hit a maturity level where instant gratification isn’t always the best to make, making them less mature than the average adult. Not necessarily all adults.

Jeffrey spoke to students at the University of North Texas and they didn’t take kindly to his words. Interestingly, the left loves to prove their point by screaming and chanting and one of them may have kicked and screamed on the floor. Maybe not.

Texas State Representative Gene Wu (D-TX) also had an interesting opinion on the event.

Just as the leftist students cried about Jeffrey’s words, Wu also explained why the students were correct.

Wu tweeted, “Texas students stepping up and shouting down an anti-trans Republican candidate. Leave trans kids alone!”

The students didn’t have to be there. They could have chosen not to attend and held their beliefs as their own as a polite society does, but they had to go and cause trouble.

Wu’s tweets didn’t stop there.

Wu continued:

There certainly are laws for inciting a riot and threats, though. That’s not to say those things happened, but it’s important to remember that there are laws within disruption that can’t be broken without repercussions.

Freedom of speech is the fundamental Constitutional Right that Americans hold onto. Without the right to speak freely about a range of topics regardless of who’s feelings it hurts, there would be no public discourse or fair media coverage. The federal government would rule over your life and feed you whatever information they wanted.

Wu then suggested all Republicans.

Republicans: “Put into place policies that endanger the lives of trans children.” Also, Republicans: “Stop being so mean to us while we publicly brag about policies that threaten the lives of trans children.”

Considering suicide rates increase when someone has a gender transition, there are a lot of arguments that can be made about doing so at such a young age when maturity and hormones aren’t fully developed. Children tend to switch from one idea to the next without a lot of direction. If they transition, then there’s a big chance that the rest of their lives could be riddled with imbalance because of a decision they made at such a young age and regretted.

It gets worse.

According to the Young Conservatives of Texas Twitter account, possible physical violence was threatened.

YCT tweeted, “Our @UNTYCT chapter member @kelly_neidert had to get a police escort out of the building and hide in a janitor closet with the lights off while Antifa searched for her. Do you support that? #txlege”

Is that what Wu supports? Hunting down the difference of opinion so that they can shout at them and intimidate them?

Remember that when you go to cast your vote. Just because someone disagrees and is willing to voice it doesn’t mean that they deserve to be treated like animals.