Gaza Pier Faces Major Issues

A pier constructed by the United States Army is reportedly sinking into the Mediterranean Sea, just months after President Joe Biden announced its construction to provide aid to Gaza during the current war. The news came as the administration is under increasing criticism from many Republicans and Democrats over Washington’s policy during the current war.

The aid pier was caught on video breaking free. The United States forces in the area straightened the pier after an earlier incident but as of earlier this week, it is out of commission.

Repairs could take at least a week.

Of the four vessels sent to stabilize the pier, at least two floated away and beached nearby.

The project was slated to cost $320 million. The damage to the pier occurred before any significant American aid made it to people onshore.

It is unclear at this point whether any portion of the pier will be salvaged and whether American policy may change.

The president announced the floating pier during the State of the Union address, stating that it would be used to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza amid Israel’s current war with the terrorist group Hamas.

The damage to the floating structure also came months after some Palestinians posted on social media that the rations dropped by the United States was not sufficient. At least one post showed a pack of Skittles that was several months out of date.

The United States and Jordan delivered aid via airdrops during the current conflict.

The Biden administration is also under increasing pressure over perceived lack of support or too much support for Israel.

A movement of Muslim Americans is calling for Americans not to back Biden in the 2024 election. The effort could have major implications for the 2024 race. Any significant change in states with small but electorally important Muslim American and Arab American minorities, such as Minnesota and Michigan, could flip those states to former President Donald Trump.

The wider discussion occurs during the current Israeli operation against the last remaining Hamas stronghold in the city of Rafah.