Gavin Newsom PANICS Before Recall Election – His ‘Latest Fear Tactic’ Proves It!

California Governor Gavin Newsom is in full-blown panic mode, and Vice President Kamala Harris will try to save the day. Many people in California may like Newsom, but most in the United States don’t like him at all. That’s going to prove to be a wrong move for Harris. What she should be focusing on is the country rather than trying to campaign for Newsom.

Newsom said, “More people will die if I’m recalled.” That’s a direct hint that he’s afraid of Larry Elder, his lead challenger on the Republican side of the recall ticket.

He knows that the only challenge to his recall is Republicans. But, will more people die? According to the Florida example of Covid-19 lockdowns, no.

California has been one of the strictest states nationwide for Covid-19 lockdowns, but their Covid-19 infection and death rates aren’t much different from any other state. Masks are continuing to prove useless as Hawaii has large Covid-19 infection spikes but strict mask mandates. As we move further from the initial Covid-19 vaccine doses, we’re going to see points across the country and even the world. The Covid-19 vaccine only has antibody response for a specified time, and many credible sources say it’s around six months, while natural antibodies from infection last 8+ months.

The other fear is that a Democrat-run California will see high crime rates because Democrats are weak on accountability for violent crime. San Francisco will start a pilot program called “Dream Keeper Fellowship” that will pay $300 to criminals not to shoot each other. The program will also pay $200 for school and employment incentives. What world do we live in? The program is inching toward a universal income for simply being alive. That’s sure to disappoint law-abiding citizens. Most people haven’t ever shot anyone, and they get nothing for payment. Same for student loan debt forgiveness. Some people didn’t go to college and are highly successful, but they get nothing. If the Democrats don’t stop giving money away for negative behavior, responsible living will be a financial burden.

George Soros is also in a panic. Imagine being able to throw $1,000,000 around at nothing. That’s what Soros has done for Newsom to contribute to his campaign.

Where’s Black Lives Matter on this one? You have a White American Democrat politician running against a Black American Republican politician. That’s a recipe for breaking their system. If they go for the Black American, they’re abandoning their Democrat ideology, but they’re leaving their race if they go for the White American. What a conundrum.

Republican policies are proving to be worth the risk, and the Supreme Court agrees. Regardless of their party split, the law is the law, and the constitution is the constitution. You can’t argue with either. Newsom is doomed.