Gates Funds Effort To ‘Eradicate Racism’ In Math

The woke parade has reached even the seemingly objective art of mathematics, and its march is being funded in large part by Bill Gates. Specifically, the Gates Foundation has given $1 million to an effort spanning major universities and political movements to apply antiracism to the world of equations.

“A Pathway to Equitable Instruction” is a project that touts its work centering on “Black, Latinx, and Multilingual students in grades 6-8” to develop “anti-racist math practice.” Among its Five Strides on the Path to Math Equity are the noble goals of having educators reflect on their racism and support them in implementing equity principles.

As if 2 + 2 = 4 needs to be more inclusive.

The initiative, which the left-wing Gates Foundation chose to fund, seeks to “dismantle white supremacy in math classrooms,” whatever that means, and ominously prevent teachers from insisting on the same procedure to reach the correct answer.

Not only that but acknowledging that there are always “right” and “wrong” answers in math classrooms miss chances for “deeper learning.”

Thankfully for the rest of us who were oppressed by learning that 2 + 2 = 4, the Gates Foundation is riding to the rescue! Even in the most objectively neutral field of study imaginable, “white supremacy” must be rooted out, and this collection of primarily California-based partners is intent on doing away with the scourge of “right answers.”

So, what will the math classrooms of the near future that have eradicated all vestiges of white supremacy look like? Much like an old hippie commune, actually.


In its own words, the Pathway website calls for the elimination of requiring students to raise their hands before speaking as a step towards dismantling “power hoarding and paternalism.” Traditional math instruction of the future will instead feature “storytelling circles,” incorporating “dance, music, song, call, and response,” and other time-tested methods of cultural communication.

And, if you’re genuinely committed to being an anti-racist math instructor, you will challenge the ways your instruction supports “capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.” Teachers are encouraged to end references to money in the classroom. So, no more using the one basic unit of measure everyone is familiar with and must master to function in society.

Can they barter? Steal?

How much money has the Gates couple made from this corrupt capitalist system?

And just for the sake of argument, how well would Microsoft software work if the engineer Gates built his fortune on had been taught under these woke programs?

Of course, that may explain a lot.