Gas Costs Will Go Higher After Canada Reports Crazy Environmental Agenda

Welcome to the world of rising prices. All of it could be avoided, but most governments don’t want to stop it. Policies that are being implemented are drastically rising gas prices.  

In keeping with his promise, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reducing gas and oil emissions. Because President Joe Biden is moving the United States away from oil independence, Canada’s move should worry Americans.

It should be highlighted that this does not apply to China or Russia, which are the world’s largest polluters.

There needs to be a slow replacement in the meantime. Taking something away entirely to force people to get electric vehicles isn’t going to help anyone. It will trap people in a bubble and not allow them to travel because gas isn’t available, and they can’t afford an electric vehicle. Don’t forget that most of the electricity in the world comes from burning coal. Still not a great way to transition from gas unless vehicles can renew the electricity in their vehicles.  

In a media statement, the lobby group Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers CEO Tim McMillan said, “Natural gas and oil are Canada’s largest export products and a foundational pillar of Canada’s economy and innovation capacity, supporting approximately 500,000 jobs and representing about $30 billion in annual economic investment.”

It says that making a small change to emissions that will affect people’s lives is necessary while ignoring more prominent contributors. They’re pushing the gas and oil reduction because that’s the easiest for people to understand and get behind, and it doesn’t change the lives of the elites. They can afford electric vehicles if they want to and leave gas and oil behind where lower-income families will suffer. Not to mention the job loss when less oil is produced.  

Pump more oil and natural gas in a place where regulations keep emissions down so that the entire world is in a better place for the future. The same should be done in the United States so that we don’t rely on middle eastern countries to get oil and produce it efficiently, ethically, and morally to bring the world a product that it inevitably needs. That’s not “popular” with the left, though. They want to push the elimination of all oil and natural gas and gaslight (excuse the pun) the climate change initiatives that global elites are pushing.  

Buckle up. This behavior isn’t going to stop. The U.S. will probably try to “one-up” Canada with a ridiculous proposal and make things worse.