Gas Prices Aren’t Going To Lower

Most of what President Joe Biden says is a lie. Whether it be student loan debt forgiveness or the withdrawal from Afghanistan being a success, Biden leaves much to be desired when he makes claims that he’ll do one thing and then something else happens. Although student loans shouldn’t be forgiven, it was still a lie.

Now, as prices have soared because of Biden, he’s claiming that he will “work like the devil” to bring them down. That’s a lie because he said this months ago with Anderson Cooper’s Town Hall event.

Biden said, “I’m going to work like the devil to bring down gas prices, which I’m going to work in to make sure that we keep strengthening the supply chain to bring down the cost of energy and everything else and the goods that come to America by helping ports 24/7 by changing a whole range of things that, you know, COVID has caused significant increases in supply chain prices.”

COVID-19 didn’t shut down the economy. Governors shut down the economy. Let that be very known. Blaming a virus for the actions of politicians is amateur. The government didn’t have to shut down anything, but they did.

Did COVID-19 sign the executive order shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Plenty of Biden’s policies and executive orders have impacted the oil industry. Though there was a decline in imports starting in 2006, former President Donald Trump skyrocketed the harmful imports when he took office in early 2017.

That number has hovered around 0 but appears to be moving up.

PJ Media noted a couple of Biden’s efforts to lower gas prices. Their explanation is perfect.

“Last summer, Biden begged OPEC to pump more crude oil. OPEC, busy counting all the extra money they’re making off of Biden’s anti-domestic-energy production policies, stopped the country just long enough to laugh in Biden’s general direction.”

Even Biden’s move to release 50 million gallons of oil per day hasn’t done much for gas prices. The frustrating part is that none of this was the choice of average citizens. We’ve all been victims of politics just as we usually are while politicians and corporations get rich.