‘From China With Love’: Biden Bought Chinese Drones Over Pentagon Objections

Remember the last time that President Joe Biden went against the suggestions of the State Department? Yeah, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was terrible. Biden is back at it with Chinese drones. Nothing can go wrong here, right? China wants to take over Taiwan, and the United States is supposed to protect Taiwan, so the fact that China has technology implants in the U.S. military can’t go wrong, can it? Of course, it can.  

The United States owes China absolutely nothing. Most of the products U.S. citizens use are sadly imported from China. That may seem like a fine thing, but if you look closer, you may realize that China only banned child labor in 2002 and has slaves. Where’s Lebron James at now?  

The Pentagon warned of the surveillance drones that Biden’s Department of Defense approved to buy, but Biden, being Biden, did whatever he wanted and bought them anyway. The ridiculous idea that cybersecurity threats aren’t an issue will come back and bite the Biden administration in the behind.  

The drones came from Da Jiang Innovations, the same company that former President Donald Trump blocklisted for concerns of data taken from the drones by the company. It was back in 2019. As soon as Biden took office, he undid the blocklist of Da Jiang, and now he wants to work with them in the military sector. It is the risk of having a president in cognitive decline and unknown individuals controlling his decisions.  

Even though the Pentagon said the drones “pose potential threats to national security,” the Secret Service bought them anyway. If the southern border is an example of Biden’s national security measures, we’re all screwed.  

John Ratcliff, former Director of National Intelligence, said, “The Biden administration, through the FBI and Secret Service, purchased from DJI, which is a company that the Trump administration flagged in 2017.” Ratcliff said that DJI used the drones to get critical U.S. infrastructure and give it to the Chinese Communist Party.  

It is a problem we have in the United States now. The President of the United States isn’t supposed to be an idiot. If Americans thought that tensions were high with China under Trump, they should know that tensions are high right now. Biden is weak. Weak men crumble under pressure. That’s what’s being done here.  

Biden’s administration chose those drones for a reason. The reason may be unknown for now, but the truth will come out like it always does.