French President ‘Refuses’ A Russian COVID-19 Test

The French are making a comeback in the modern world and have put their white flags away. French President Emmanuel Macron visited with Russian President Vladimir Putin and was asked to take a Russian COVID-19 test, and he refused.

Macron said he feared what the Russians could do with his DNA.

Macron decided to social distance instead and can be seen across a large table during talks with Putin. It’s an odd event.

According to Reuters, “Two sources familiar with the French President’s health regimen told Reuters Macron had been offered a choice: take a PCR test performed by Russian officials and be permitted to be close to Putin, or refuse and face more stringent social distance. We were well aware that this meant no handshake and a long table. But we couldn’t tolerate them getting their hands on the president’s DNA, one of the individuals told Reuters, referring to security concerns if Russian physicians examined the French President.”

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, “There is no politics in this. It does not interfere with negotiations in any way.”

A New York Times report says, “According to news reports, French officials said that Macron had left Moscow with commitments that Russian troops would not stay in neighboring Belarus after military exercises this month, and that Russia would not conduct any new maneuvers near Ukraine soon.”

That sounds nice, but there is a conflicted statement from a Kremlin spokesman who said, “In the current situation, Moscow and Paris could not make a deal. France is an EU and NATO member” and added, “France is not leading NATO.”

This heightened awareness worldwide, and the conflict seems to be getting closer to ahead. Many claims are being thrown around even by the US.

The Department of State spokesman said that Russia would engage in a propaganda effort to push a false flag event to ignite a war with Ukraine.

The spokesman said, “We’ve seen these kinds of activity by the Russians in the past.”

One reporter didn’t let him by with it and asked for evidence. When the Department of State said that his word was the evidence, the reporter did what he should have done.

The reporter said, “That’s not evidence, Ned, that’s you saying it. It’s not evidence, I’m sorry.”

Since the press conference and heated questioning, no evidence has been presented.