Former NYC Police Officer Weighs in on Department

Police officers working for the New York City department have been put through the wringer lately. Multiple officers lost their jobs, due to not taking COVID-19 vaccines as the city mandated.

When Mayor Eric Adams (D) was questioned about this, he made it clear he had no intention of giving these officers their jobs back. The Democratic mayor also claimed that officers who were let go for not taking COVID-19 vaccines actually “quit,” rather than being fired by the city.

Adams has been criticized for letting these officers go, especially in light of New York City’s well-documented issues with crime. Now, one former officer who worked for the NYPD is weighing in on his experience doing this job.

Groundbreaking Revelations From a Retired NYPD Officer
Thomas Gambardella spent 20 years of his life working for the NYPD. At first, Gambardella said he loved the job. However, things quickly took a turn for the worst after New York City adopted soft-on-crime policies that hindered the work of law enforcement.

In a conversation with the New York Post, the retired officer said that New York City is overrun with failed liberalism that’s making officers leave in droves. At the same time, crime is going up, which means the residents of the major city will end up taking the greatest hits to their safety.

In a social media post, Gambardella clearly stated he was thankful to be free of the NYPD and not have to deal with all the worries that come with the job. The retired officer then wrapped up his post by warning the NYPD isn’t anyone’s friend and making a personal promise to “live free.”

Little Concern to Mayor Adams
With officers fleeing the NYPD, Mayor Adams has been questioned about whether declines in local law enforcement are of concern to him. To this end, the left-wing mayor made it clear he’s not worried.

According to Adams, working in the NYPD is a great career that many men and women can fully take advantage of. The mayor also claimed that given his past career as a police officer, he’s aware of all the department has to offer.

Thus far, Adams has not specifically addressed the issues brought up by Gambardella.