Former NFL Player Threatens Joy Reid With Defamation Suit

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is in hot water after comparing children mentored by former NFLer Jack Brewer’s afterschool program to “child abuse” victims.

There are some fights that are best left unpicked.

The kids were photographed along with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as he signed the so-called “stop WOKE” (Wrong Against Our Kids and Employees) bill into law last week. The law is part of the Republican’s battle against critical race theory being disseminated in public schools and businesses.

Reid, the host of “The Reidout,” predictably saw the photo through her own tinted glasses and blistered the Florida governor. Declaring the photograph “tantamount to child abuse,” Reid said that knowing how “anti-Black” DeSantis is, the children being in the picture holding signs with “CRT” crossed out “is extra sick.”

She said the boys were used as “props” by “America’s most racist governor.”

The kids are part of the Jack Brewer Foundation’s after-school club American Heroes. Brewer publicly opposes CRT and says his program is to provide Christian leadership and academic assistance for youth. He blasts the CRT ideology as teaching children “to hate and see each other based on the color of their skin.”

Brewer is hardly taking the slight lying down. He is vocally demanding an apology from Reid and says, if none is received, he will sue for defamation. He says her words “completely humiliated” his kids and his program, and she needs to be held accountable for reckless statements.

The former football player’s foundation has received several phone calls from parents and others who are being harassed due to “this crazy thing that Joy did.” Brewer then added, “she messed with the wrong boys.”

Jane Halbritter, the aunt of two of the boys photographed, slammed Reid for acting as though the boys “don’t even have their own minds.” Halbritter calls her words “monumentally insulting” and notes she did not make those kinds of statements about the other kids who stood alongside the governor.

Uninformed and possibly slanderous statements such as Reid’s have no business going unchallenged, particularly when they involve children. If Reid does not issue a mea culpa, it will be very entertaining to see how she defends against a defamation suit