Former MegaChurch Pastor Doesn’t Want You Voting Republican

Republicans that are involved in the LGBTQ+ community are changing the way that people look at the Republican party. There are a lot of support for these groups such as Conservatives Against Discrimination and for all people of the LGBTQ+ community who are reasonable and don’t subscribe to the fringe side of the movement.

Christian author and former megachurch pastor John Pavlovitz tweeted a picture:

And the interesting part of the picture is the highly politicized and interestingly anti-Christian message from a pastor.

You might think to yourself, “How in the world is the Democrat party anti-Christian?”

The Christian religion is largely based on principles and character. The leading principle of the Democrat party right now is abortion. Abortion goes against everything that the Christian Bible teaches. That’s not to say that the Democrat party doesn’t have anything to offer, but that’s a large focus of legislation currently.

The other part of this is that the Democrat party has been focused on children. That focus has turned toward making sure that children are exposed to sexual education at an unreasonably young age which should be a problem for a Christian leader.

Pavlovitz followed up the picture with, “Feel free to show me all the Democrat-generated legislation or policies targeting the LGBTQ community and we can talk about the both-sideisms on this thread.”

This argument isn’t a “this versus that” kind of argument. If Pavlovitz wants to make an argument against discrimination then he can’t leave out abortion.

The left is pushing for mutilation of children’s genitals and with the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, it’s not going to get any better. Jackson has been very lenient on convicted pedophiles, so where’s the Christian outrage from Pavlovitz?

A Twitter user summed it up perfectly. “Wow. How sh*tty is this?! What about LGBTQ Republicans themselves? People like @RichardGrenell? Those in @LogCabinGOP? @Caitlyn_Jenner? Are they not really LGBTQ? Or allies? Are they even people? Be careful, that mindset has led to some VERY dangerous paths in history.”

The left likes to act like the right is trying to commit genocide against the LGBTQ community, but they aren’t. The right is very welcoming to anyone who is politically like minded, but the left doesn’t hold that same welcoming attitude.